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RE: Brake lights

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Subject: RE: Brake lights
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Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 10:43:20 -0700

I have successfully done that a couple of times on my 65 MGB.  I had my
fingers crossed.  There was very little seepage but apparently just enough
to prevent air getting into the system.


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> Subject: Brake lights
> Listers,
> Wife traveling behind me noticed brake lights weren't coming 
> on on the 
> 67BGT.
> Checked bulbs, OK, checked grounds.OK. Took wires off brake 
> switch, put 
> em back, Voila! brake lights on, then no more. Took wires off switch 
> again, ignition on again, brakes lit, then second stab, 
> nothing again. 
> Seems like the switch, right? Now, can I unscrew, hold finger over 
> opening, replace with another switch without bleeding brakes??
> TIA,
> Dave Houser

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