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Re: Brake lights

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Subject: Re: Brake lights
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Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 17:04:20 +0100
Before tackling the switch measure the voltage on both spades and connectors
with the pedal operated.  If you have 12v on the green spade and less than
that on the green/purple spade then the switch is indeed bad.  If the
voltage on the spades is the same but that on the connectors is different,
or there is less than 12v on the green spade or connector, then the problem
is bad connections on the wiring.  Since it worked then didn't I would tend
to suspect connections.


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Subject: Brake lights

> Wife traveling behind me noticed brake lights weren't coming on on the
> 67BGT.
> Checked bulbs, OK, checked grounds.OK. Took wires off brake switch, put
> em back, Voila! brake lights on, then no more. Took wires off switch
> again, ignition on again, brakes lit, then second stab, nothing again.
> Seems like the switch, right?

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