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Warping Left Front Brake Rotor

To: <>
Subject: Warping Left Front Brake Rotor
From: "Christian, Wellner NAVAIR" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 12:29:10 -0400

        The left front brake rotor was warped on my '74 MGB when I purchased it 
a year ago.
        Since then, I've replaced the left front rotor (pads were new), rear 
cylinders and shoes and the master cylinder.  Brakes bled fine, the pedal is
firm ,and there was no vibration on braking.  After about 500 miles the pedal
started pulsing (vibrating) again - its worse on hard braking.  I can find no
evidence of dragging - I can push the can on level ground with one arm.  Also,
there was no evidence of caliper piston binding when I compressed the pistons
when installing the new rotor.  I do not ride the brakes or use my right foot
to brake and the brake light is not on all the time.
        The only things left to do are replace the caliper and/or re-build the 
warning valve.  The warning valve doesn't work (no hooked up) but doesn't
leak.  Can this valve cause a warped rotor on the left side and not on the
right ??  Could I possibly have too little clearance on the brake light switch
with the brake lights working fine (going off when the pedal is released) ??
        Any suggestions so I don't have to throw money at it.  The master 
and the rear wheel cylinders needed replacing.  I just don't want to buy a
front caliper unless I can find something wrong with this one.

Thanks In Advance,  Skip  '74 MGB

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