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Re: ZS to HIF

To: "Henry D. Reynolds" <>, "MonteMorris"
Subject: Re: ZS to HIF
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Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 10:14:02 +0100
Some confusion here, the TCSA solenoid only feeds the distributor vacuum
advance capsule.  Whether it is there or not has no effect on the anti-runon
valve.  The anti-runon valve has a large fresh-air intake and smaller hoses
to the charcoal canister and carb float chamber overflow port(s).


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Subject: Re: ZS to HIF

> i hooked up my anti-run on valve via a T-fitting in the vacuum line to
> the distributor, but this won't work unless you eliminate or bypass the
> Transmission-Controlled Spark Advance.

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