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Re: ZS to HIF

Subject: Re: ZS to HIF
From: "Henry D. Reynolds" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 10:49:25 -0500
My float chamber overflow ports are piped directly to the charcoal 
canister. The anti-runon valve has three hoses: the bottom one is 
vented to atmosphere, the large 1/2 inch(?) one connects to the base of 
the charcoal canister, and the small 3/8 inch(?) one is connected to 
the intake manifold.

I combined the distributor and anti-runon vacuum hoses into a single  
"Y" configuration so that only one hose crosses the valve cover and the 
"arms" of the "Y" connect to the anti-runon valve and distributor 
vacuum advance.  I did this because my intake manifold has only one 
vacuum take-off.

This will NOT work if your distributor vacuum line runs through the 
TCSA because it isolates the distributor from manifold vacuum except in 
top gear (or when not in top gear i forget which), but more importantly 
TCSA would isolate anti-runon valve from engine vacuum when you turn 
the ignition off which is when it is supposed to work.

On Thursday, October 9, 2003, at 04:14  AM, Telewest ((PH)) wrote:

> Some confusion here, the TCSA solenoid only feeds the distributor 
> vacuum
> advance capsule.  Whether it is there or not has no effect on the 
> anti-runon
> valve.  The anti-runon valve has a large fresh-air intake and smaller 
> hoses
> to the charcoal canister and carb float chamber overflow port(s).
> PaulH.
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>> i hooked up my anti-run on valve via a T-fitting in the vacuum line to
>> the distributor, but this won't work unless you eliminate or bypass 
>> the
>> Transmission-Controlled Spark Advance.
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