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Re: Snow

To: Tab Julius <>
Subject: Re: Snow
From: Aaron Whiteman <>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 18:02:49 -0800
On Feb 4, 2004, at 4:46 PM, Tab Julius wrote:

> Sand's great.  More and more they're using sand here (it's also 
> cheaper), but nothing quite makes it safe like salt, which is good for 
> safety but terrible for our cars, particularly the older ones.  If 
> they only use sand there, go for it!

We actually get a combination of sand/gravel and liquid chemical 

The chemicals are supposed to be noncorrosive, but there are rumors 
that it is rather hard on aluminum.  I haven't look into it for sure, 
as far as I know the only aluminum on my car during the winter months 
is the thermostat elbow.

However, they only work as a antifreeze.. essentially keeping snow off 
otherwise clear roads when the temperature is warm enough (or the snow 
is falling slow enough).  Also, they must be applied ahead of time, 
they don't work well on a road that is already snow-covered, and limit 
coverage area to within city limits.

Otherwise, we get sand/gravel and plows.  It works pretty well, but I 
have winter tires just the same.  In eastern Washington, studded tires 
are generally considered mandatory (they aren't but Real Snow Tires 

> Actually my car came from Washington State (guy I bought it from lived 
> in Seattle/Tacoma region) and there was practically no rust on it.  
> That's why I bought it, and had it shipped over.  Even with shipping, 
> it was the same cost as one over here in about 10 times better shape, 
> rust-wise.

Ahh.  The wet side of the state.  Those cars tend to be rustier than 
ours, simply because the climate is so wet.  They also have a novel 
technique for dealing with snow... panic :)

I actually do have some rust, but that will be rectified when I take 
the car to Tacoma this spring for new paint.  I can't tell for sure, 
but it doesn't look significant (it is in a location where it *could* 
be though).

Aaron Whiteman --
  '75 B (red for now), HIF4 carbs

Aaron Whiteman

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from
magic.  -- Arthur C. Clarke

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