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Re: Overdrive flakiness question

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Subject: Re: Overdrive flakiness question
From: "Lawrie Alexander" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 07:20:13 -0700
Just to add a thought to Paul's note......

I once worked on a B which had an overdrive that would not engage. There was
power to the gearbox switch and I did a continuity check on the switch and
it showed the switch to be good. After several hours of changing parts (on
the assumption the problem was in the overdrive itself) and still having no
engagement, I put a voltmeter on the gearbox switch. 12 volts going in, 4
volts coming out! Enough to show continuity on an ohm-meter but not enough
to operate the solenoid. I always check switches with a voltmeter now,
rather than an ohm-meter.....

British Sportscar Center

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Subject: Re: Overdrive flakiness question

> You can check the complete electrical continuity from the comfort of
> over the right-hand wing.  Find where the yellow/red (or similar) of the
> gearbox harness joins the white/brown of the main harness near the fusebox
> and part the connector.  With a test-lamp joining the two it should glow
> with the ignition on, the gearbox in an OD gear, and the manual switch on.
> With any other combination it should be off.  With intermittent failure to
> engage to can bring the test-lamp inside the cabin and watch it while you
> drive.  Note that a test-lamp in series will probably stop the OD working
> all but at least you will be able to see if you have continuity.  What
> be better is to use an ammeter in place of the test-lamp which will allow
> the OD to work as well as watching for continuity.  But be aware that the
> circuit is unfused and if your meter or test-lamp wiring floats about and
> grounds it can burn the loom.  If you have continuity but the OD still
> to engage the problem is mechanical or hydraulic.
> PaulH.
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> Subject: Overdrive flakiness question
> > The last few trips I've noticed a disconcerting tendency for me to have
> > in fourth, put it into overdrive, and have it not respond.

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