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Race Car Insurance

Subject: Race Car Insurance
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 14:19:55 EDT
I've just finished updating the insurance on my classic cars with Hagerty, 
including the MGA that I vintage race. I was informed by Hagerty that I could 
insure the MGA under a standard road policy, with a signed rider that I 
understood it was not covered for any competitive use on a race track, PROVIDED 
didn't expect to race the car more than about four weekends during the year. As 
understand the terms of the standard road policy, it not only provides 
protection for the car when being trailered, stored, displayed, and worked on 
at a 
shop -- similar to storage, transit, paddock insurance on a race car -- but 
provides protection for road use as a hobby car. This is an excellent 
compromise coverage for the owner who maintains a dual-use car that is lightly 
and otherwise used as a regular classic hobby car. For example, it covers any 
incidents that might occur on race car parades outside the race track 
environs, something that STP coverage does not provide.

You guys planning to run at Watkins Glen and participate in the reenactment 
drive on the original circuit might want to check with your insurance agent 
about coverage, especially liability, for the time that you're on public roads.

Note -- this is for info only; YMMV==rely on your own agent for info on your 

Gary Anderson

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