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Tonneau Choice For 1974 MGB

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Subject: Tonneau Choice For 1974 MGB
From: "Christian, Skip" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 06:06:21 -0400

        I need to buy a new (or good used) tonneau for my MG.  I'm not looking 
to buy
the correct one for a 1974.  I'm looking for one with no headrest pockets and
short zippers on the sides.  My car has lap belts only and (surprise) no
headrests.  The car does have four mounting studs behind the seats and, if it
makes any difference, I'm using a stow away top.  Kelvin has told me that the
early tonneaus ('62-'67) won't work because the mounting points on the dash
are different.  Does anyone know which year tonneau would have what I'm
looking for ????
        One more thing.  I lubed my tonneau zippers with bar soap and now if the
tonneau is stretched, the zippers let go in the middle.  However, that's not
the only problem with it.

Thanks In Advance,  Skip
'74 MGB (That wants to be a '67)

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