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Re: List confusion

To: "Rick Lindsay" <>, "mgs" <>
Subject: Re: List confusion
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 09:33:34 US/Mountain
It seems more to me that it is an MGA and MGB list.  Midget stuff comes in 
every now and then, but it's fairly rare - and later Midgets - very 
rarely.  I think it's more one of what cars are out there though, so start 
talking late midgets, and see who chimes in.

Phil Bates

> Guys, it seems that I have misinterpreted the
> meaning of ' ' to mean that
> this is a list for MG owners and admirers.  What
> I learn is that this is an MGB list.  Because MG
> put a Triumph 1500 engine in the Midget, it seems
> that my car disqualifies me twice.
> with best regards,
> rick
> '76 MG Midget

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