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Re: List confusion

To: MG List <>
Subject: Re: List confusion
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 08:55:11 -0700
If you're complaining about a lack of responses to your inquiries, well, in
a way that is only to be expected -- 1500 Midgets make up only a tiny
fraction of total MG production. A lot of people just won't have any
experience with them, and there isn't any crossover knowledge regarding that
engine as there would be between the B-series 1500, 1600 and 1800.

As for it being an MGB list, well, 500,000 sold rather tilts the scales in
that direction -- not much can be done about that.

But if you have been receiving disparaging private replies along the lines
of "get that Triumph out of here", then those people should be ashamed of
themselves -- that's no way to treat an MG comrade. I hope that was not the

on 8/25/04 7:02 AM, Rick Lindsay at wrote:

> Guys, it seems that I have misinterpreted the
> meaning of ' ' to mean that
> this is a list for MG owners and admirers.  What
> I learn is that this is an MGB list.  Because MG
> put a Triumph 1500 engine in the Midget, it seems
> that my car disqualifies me twice.
> with best regards,
> rick
> '76 MG Midget 1500


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the primer red one with chrome wires

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