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RE: New Member was Re: Strange place for a cotter pin

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Subject: RE: New Member was Re: Strange place for a cotter pin
From: "Frank Marrone" <>
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 14:34:51 -0700
 Bill and CR,

The leaking oil is pretty clean but the engine oil is also looking clean.
The engine was recently freshened up and is clean on the outside and inside
(I have photographic evidence).  The top of the transmission is also very
clean.  The back of the engine block is very clean.  I do not think it is a
valve cover leak.

I checked the transmission oil today and it is perfectly full (and really
clean).  I'm now almost 100% convinced that it must be an engine oil leak.
The bottom of the engine and transmission are pretty oily but the worst part
is from the back of the engine rearward.  I can not rule out a pan gasket
leak at this point.

Interestingly, the oil leak seems to be intermittent.  I went on two short
drives today and the drip was not there.  Yesterday, after driving to work
(~35 miles) I noticed the drip after parking and a large puddle under the
car when I went out to it at lunch.  Previously I've noticed the drip right
after start up in the mornings.  Curious.

I'll try lying under it with it running and see what I can see.

'73 GT

And if you care...
'64 Sunbeam Tiger
'63 Nova Wagon (350/350 mild pro-street)
'91 BMW 535i 5-speed
'99 Buell S3T
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> Check the color of the oil coming from the drain hole.  If 
> black, it's most likely from the engine (unless you've just 
> recently changed oil), but if clean looking, that would lead 
> one to suspect a leak from the gearbox.
> Bill

>However, unless you're positive it's the main seal leaking, I'd suggest you
clean the engine and >bell housing thoroughly, then raise the car and run
the engine while crawling around under it to >see where the leak is coming
from.  Sometimes there is a leak that lets oil run down the bell
>housing and masquerade as a main seal leak.
>    CR

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