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New Member was Re: Strange place for a cotter pin

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Subject: New Member was Re: Strange place for a cotter pin
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Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 10:30:38 -0700
Cool, first day on the list and one of my questions gets answered without
having to ask it myself.  Thanks for the cotter pin info.
I'm not an MGB newbie but it has been almost 15 years since I sold my '73
roadster.  I just acquired a '73 GT, instantly fell in love with it and am
looking forward to numerous "tightening up" chores and upgrades.  I'm hoping
this list can help me come back up to speed on the MGB.
When I noticed the cotter pin on my car it was because of a steady drip of
oil falling from the pin.  I'm not sure if the leak is rear main or
transmission front seal.  I'm starting to suspect engine seal because I'm
using a lot of oil in the engine (1 Qt every 200 miles) and the transmission
would have to be bone dry by now based on the size of the leak and the
number of miles I have put on the car already.
Any words of wisdom concerning identifying the source of the leak or the
repair procedure?  I assume the engine will have to come out to repair the
rear main seal, is this correct?  I have purchased a Bentley manual but it
has not arrived yet.

> Aha - 
> This pin is meant to be slightly loose in its hole, and wiggle about as
> engine vibrates and the car goes over bumps. 
> It really is a BL engineering masterpiece, and I believe that it even has
> part number. 
> It purpose is to keep the drain hole from blocking with crud. 
> Cheers 
> Ian F 

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