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Oil leak update

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Subject: Oil leak update
From: "Frank Marrone" <>
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 14:40:09 -0700
I wiped down the oily mess under the car and went for a spirited drive.  I
had made sure to wipe the front of the transmission directly behind the oil
pan of the engine since this had lots of fresh oil on it.  I'm talking about
the surface that is probably actually a motor plate sandwiched between the
engine and transmission.  When I got back this surface was again coated with
fresh oil and when I got under the car I could see the lots of fresh oil at
the rear of the oil pan.  The oil pan bolts are tight.  There still is a
drip from the cotter pin but no new tracking of fresh oil could be seen
leading to it.

I pulled the inspection plug in the  motor plate and could verify motor oil
on the engine side of the plate internal to the bellhousing.  It seems
increasingly likely that I have a rear main leak.  

If the rear main leaks would I expect to have oil seeping past the motor
plate and engine as well as out the cotter pin hole?  I guess I could also
still have a pan gasket leak.

Unfortunately the inspection plug fell apart when I removed it.  Is this
plug readily available?

'73 GT

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