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RE: [MG-MGB] Knock-offs and Ashtrays

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Subject: RE: [MG-MGB] Knock-offs and Ashtrays
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Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 12:15:15 -0800

We are talking about a factory option which was not documented in factory 
records.  Even Clausager hmms and hahs about whether the 2 screw or 4 screw was 
correct for which cars.  The two screw is shown with "The type shown here MAY 
only be correct for early 1500 models"

The original ashtray was sourced by the factory from Wilmot Breedan, a company 
that supplied many items for MG and BMC.  

The 4 screw ashtray was superceded by Wilmot Breedan at some time 
(undocumented) to the two screw design which does not have exposed screw heads. 
 The two screw design was the type installed in many early MGBs, which 
indicates to me, that Clausager may be incorrect about it being an earlier 
design.  Maybe not, non of us is perfect.

Moss Motors sources the supplied part number 241-000 from Weston Body Hardware 
Limited in the UK, which used to be Wilmot Breedan.  The supplied part is the 
closest in actual lineage, design and look to anything that can be supplied on 
the market.  If you were to walk into a hypothetical MG dealership today and 
ask for an ashtray for your MGA, it is the part that you would be handed.

The MGA catalog is getting changed to read:  ASHTRAY, similar to original 
factory option

Similar differentiates it from being a Velcro attached bag which may be 
purchased from a local auto parts shop.

I'll add notes to the web page regarding the difference between 4 screw and 2 


This is going to sound very lame.  But one of the reasons Moss has such a 
liberal return policy is that it is impossible to keep completely on top of all 
the changes, quality issues and substitutes that become evident in a 30 year 
old market and meet customers expectations at all time.  Moss has two strong 
goals. 1. Not to misrepresent what is sold. 2. Not to go out of business by 
incurring un-absorbable operating costs.  That's a fine line to balance.



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Sent: Monday, December 06, 2004 6:29 PM
Subject: [MG-MGB] Knock-offs and Ashtrays

More Moss stuff arrived today. Another mixed bag of right and wrong.

The ashtray is shown as being the original style, which fastened with 4  
screws visible at the outside corners of the ashtray. This was correct on all  
MGAs with the exception of early 1500s which used a similar ashtray but without 
the flange flared to the outside at the bottom. This early style, rarely seen, 
fastens with 2 screws under the ashtray.

The Moss even adds the words "as original" to their description of the  
ashtray, but unfortunately it is the oddball early style unsuitable for late  
To call it original and leave it at that is the same as supplying that  
strange early oil pump strainer and just calling it "as original" without 
that it isn't right for later cars.

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