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Re: [MG-MGB] Knock-offs and Ashtrays

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Subject: Re: [MG-MGB] Knock-offs and Ashtrays
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Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 09:17:01 -0600
Amen, Brother.
As a daily MG driver, I wholeheartedly agree.
          79B, Carmine
          67B, BRG
          74 1/2 Rust, parts car

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> At 5:15 PM -0500 12/7/2004, wrote:
> >To all,
> >Moss Motors may not be perfect but (paraphrasing what another English lad
> >once said) It's sure the heck better than anything else out there. I
> >am of the
> >belief that if (God Forbid!) Moss Motors were to ever say the heck with
> >the hassles, and close their doors. There would be heard a great horrific
> >sound & the gnashing of teeth! Need more proof read: Matt. 8:12 "But
> >the children
> >of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall  be
> >and gnashing of teeth."
> >Plus, they even offer over night delivery.......
> >Albert  Escalante Owner 1978 MGB
> >The Central Coast British Car Club (CA)
> >Ventura,  CA (info:
> I couldn't agree more. For cars the age of ours about the only place
> to find original parts is in a salvage yard, or when some eccentric
> collector sells his private NOS parts supply of several years.
> As one who drives his car, I find Moss a great comfort on any road
> trip.  In June of 2001 a few of us from Nebraska were driving into
> Canada on our way to the east coast. One of us dropped a water pump
> in upper Michigan, and we discovered we had not packed the correct
> spare. We called Moss and explained the situation, and they
> overnighted the part, free shipping, to a UPS terminas within 40
> miles. Friends, that is service. Additionally, Moss always has been
> supportive of our Clubs, Her Majestys Royal Nebraska Patrol (MG) and
> Flatwater Austin Healey Club. They are enthusiasts who support
> enthusiasts.  I could go on with more stories of how Moss, and Kelvin
> in particular, have come to my aid. I am very grateful that they
> exist and are willing to do what they do.
> -- 
> Bob Shaw

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