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RE: Head bolt Torque Emergency

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Subject: RE: Head bolt Torque Emergency
From: "Frank Marrone" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 18:58:50 -0800
 Hi Larry,

Yep, made it home but had to stop because the temp gauge pegged about half
way there.  Needed another gallon of water and I added a quart of oil to
help increase the oil to water ratio.  I could hear lots of loud popping
noises from the valve cover, I assume it was boiling water.  There was a lot
of that milky white sludge in there.

Thanks for the advice, I had a similar problem on a '73 roadster about 15
years ago.  I had a cracked head in that instance and did the R&R myself but
being so long ago I need the input to jog my memory.

I'll do a little diagnosis but expect the head will be coming off soon.
Don't really need this right now, I'm working hard almost every night to
finally complete a 13 year Sunbeam Tiger restoration.  My vehicular luck is
poor lately, I sold a 2002 Acura RSX type S Saturday because I wanted to
reel in the finances a bit thinking I could drive the MG.  Monday I dropped
my Buell motorcycle in the driveway and broke off the shifter.  I'm down to
my '63 Nova wagon and I'm really worried about the drive into work tomorrow.

Keeping my fingers crossed...

'73 GT

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> Subject: RE: Head bolt Torque Emergency
> Remove the head and examine the head gasket, the block 
> surface, and head surface.  You will probably be able to tell 
> if the gasket was leaking.  I would recommend you have the 
> head checked for cracks also.  If it wasn't cracked before 
> the problem, it could very well be cracked now.  If you 
> discover the head is okay and it appears you had a head 
> gasket failure just put the head back on with a new gasket.  
> Be sure to change the engine oil.
> I would recommend you purchase only a Felpro gasket or a Payen gasket.
> Payen is available at Moss Motors, ask for it by name if you 
> order.  Felpro is sometimes available by special order from 
> your local auto parts store.
> However I believe Moss is your best bet.
> Good Luck.
> Larry Hoy

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