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RE: Why do (or did) the British drive on the left.

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Subject: RE: Why do (or did) the British drive on the left.
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 13:16:14 -0800
> > Why didn't America bear left?  We had no knights!  

Au Contraire

> Our weapon of choice protecting the wagon or stagecoach was a shotgun
> rifle. Right-handed people hold the long gun on the lap, pointed to
> left, so we pass on the right, so as to have the weapon ready to shoot
> to the left.

It's very confusing really.  I did some US civil war recreation back in
my checkered past and it was interesting how the culture of the time
period is difficult to understand today.

The cavalry carried a pistol on the right hip, in a cross draw holster.
The pistol was to be shot with the left hand, leaving the right hand
free for the primary weapon... The saber.

The real reason that true MGBs have the steering wheel on the right is
so that when reaching for the off center hand brake, one can run one's
fingers in a quick caress up the young lady passenger's thigh.

This is obvious, as in sedans such as the Jaguar Mk2, the handbrake is
mounted between the seat and door to deter such unbecoming behavior in
the supposedly more mature and respectable Jaguar owner.

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