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RE: Interior rehab

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Subject: RE: Interior rehab
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Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 16:49:54 -0800

It's about the same story.   Your car would have had Ochre cloth seats,
which Moss does not stock as they were GT specific and pretty unusual.
They are still available and can be special ordered at the sale price. 

Unfortunately sales on the Ochre interior components were virtually
non-existent, so we had to discontinue stocking the pieces here in the
US, but continue to keep sourcing and prices up to date.

Clean, or new the ochre does work well with the right exterior colors,
but most people only see it when it is dirty and prefer to replace it
with a different color.

Again the Ochre carpet is not stocked or priced, but should be available
from the UK manufacturer as it is an original stock color.

Kelvin Dodd

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> How about the Ochre color - are seats , panels, or carpets available?
> thanks
> andrew
> 73 MGB GT (ochre)

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