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Re: 79 MBG Alternator Pulley

To: Randy Widman <>
Subject: Re: 79 MBG Alternator Pulley
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 19:11:29 -0600
It's nearly impossible by hand without messing something up. The best 
way is with an impact, the sudden jolt usually works without even 
spinning the shaft much, you can hold the fan with a rag and it will 
break  free rather easily..  You may not have an air compressor, but if  
you take it to an auto parts store they should have an electric impact 
that they can zip it off for you with.  They usually have one behind the 
counter somewhere for changing out alternator pulleys that come on the 
rebuilt units that are different than what the customer needs.

Randy Widman wrote:

>I am trying to replace the pulley on my alternator and don't know where I can
>safely hold the shaft from rotating to get the pulley nut on & off. Any
>Red '79 B

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