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Re: Overdrive transmission oil

To: Phil Bates <>
Subject: Re: Overdrive transmission oil
From: Don Malling <>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 19:15:00 -0400
John Esposito at recommends 30W non detergent oil for 
OD transmissions. His 
recommendation does not apply to non OD transmissions. He claims detergent oil 
will foam due to 
gears spinning. John has a excellent reputation for rebuilding British 
transmissions. He is possibly 
the best in the Northeast. I would use Redline products for non OD 

Don Malling

Phil Bates wrote:
> About a week ago people wanted to discuss the issues with my overdrive. 
> At the time, I needed the car for my daily driver, and didn't have time to
> diagnose/correct the half working overdrive situation.  Well, my other
> daily driver is now back on the road, and I can work on the overdrive. 
> One of the topics that came up was the oil - so here's what I've
> heard/done, and where I have questions -
> When I converted the car to overdrive, I used 20W50, and that was the
> recommended oil from the mechanic that initially installed this for me.  I
> did a lot of reading, and quickly determined that I was not supposed to
> use a detergent oil.  I couldn't find any non-detergent 20W50, so I
> converted to the heaviest (non-gear oil) non-detergent oil I could find,
> which was straight 30 weight.  I understand the overdrive system and how
> it engages pretty well, and it makes sense to me that 30 weight is not
> heavy enough to keep the overdrive engaged well - especially if there are
> any iffy o-rings.
> So, should I put in detergent oil (like 20W50), or what is the
> recommendation there??
> Phil Bates

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