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coil replacement wiring

To: "MG list" <>
Subject: coil replacement wiring
From: "MonteMorris" <>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 20:04:02 -0500
I'm replacing the coil on the 79B; desmogged, HIF's, 45D4 points dizzy (from
a 74 1/2). The coil on the car is probably original for the 79 and has a
ballast resistor wired in. The NAPA (#705) 12V replacement coil has " no
external resistor required" stamped on it.
How do I rewire the new coil in?
Here is the present wiring:
>From the coil neg. post: a gray wire to the dizzy, and a white/black wire
(to tach?).
>From the coil positive post: a double white/green wire goes into harness and
a black wire goes to a little blue cylinder grounded to the fender well
(static resistor for radio?).
The ballast resistor has a white wire going in one side and a white/blue
wire coming out the other side.

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