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Re: coil replacement wiring

Subject: Re: coil replacement wiring
From: "" <>
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 09:44:48 -0400
If it aids starting by having the coil ballast, I guess I need to leave it
wired in. If I fit a 6V coil, which one would I use; the one listed at NAPA
for a 79B was the 12V coil. If I order from Moss,would I order the one
originally on the 79, even though the car has been converted to the dizzy
of a 74 1/2?
Thanks for the input.

Original Message:
From: Paul Hunt
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 09:43:26 +0100
Subject: Re: coil replacement wiring

Ideally you would fit a 6v coil and keep the coil ballast as it aids
starting and has no down-side.  But if you want to use your 12v coil you
have to make some changes.  The simplest change is to connect a white
(assuming it carries 12v when the ignition is on) to the coil +ve which is
where the white/light-greens are now.  You can leave these on, or remove
them but in this case you must insulate them and tape them back out of harms
way.  The externally mounted ballast resistor you can see with the white and
white/blue wires is the special one for the 45DE4 distributor, which is no
longer required for a points distributor.  As I say you can use the white
feeding this for the coil, the blue may go to an unused connector for the
old distributor, or may have been chopped off where it exits the loom.  Same
for an extension of the white that originally went into the distributor
electronics.  The blue cylinder is a noise suppressor and can be removed or
refitted to the coil +ve as you see fit.


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