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Re: This is scary stuff

To: Mike Torrusio <>
Subject: Re: This is scary stuff
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 18:23:02 -0500
The timing tab may be at the bottom, it should be there somewhere as it 
is not easily removable.  Hve seen stranger things though.

Chad Cooper

Mike Torrusio wrote:

>Well, at 6 AM I couldn't take it anymore and e-mail suggestions in hand 
>went to the car and checked the points.
>  They looked pretty closed - in fact I couldn't get a .15 gauge 
>through. So, I set the points to .15, and did nothing else (except 
>grease the cam which probably hadn't seen grease in 30 years, and put a 
>few drops of oil under the rotor.
>  Started it up and boom it idled at 1500 rpm - about 500 more than it 
>  Took it on the road and I am still in shock. The engine has more pep, 
>I can get the revs up over 4500 and, in the cool of the morning, the 
>temp gauge only went to the hot side of N.
>  I can't believe that changing the gap that small amount made such a 
>  Coming home, in the heat of the day, the temp gauge went up to within 
>one, maybe one and a half needle widths of the H. Much better, but 
>still too hot.
>  Where do you suggest I go from here?
>  Oh, one other small thing. I looked at the front pulley on the engine 
>and found the line for timing, but I just can't find the little timing 
>adjustment tang that is supposed to be down there somewhere.
>  Any suggestions as to where to look, or is it possible that someone 
>took it off?
>  Thanks.
>  Mike T. 1971 MGB
>Research Associates, LLC
>P. O. Box 18194
>Portland, ME 04112

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