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Re: MGA windshield wipers

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Subject: Re: MGA windshield wipers
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Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 18:04:54 -0400

Scarbourogh Faire has some new wiper arms which she had made up with a 
stronger spring in them - I havent tried them yet but saw them at the GT in 
Michigan a few weeks ago.  Seems like they may apply somewhat more pressure 
to the glass than the originals.

BTW dont think Rainx would do much good in a downpour such as you describe 
and which we are experiencing at this very minute here in Central Florida.


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Subject: MGA windshield wipers

> When my friends at work are concerned about me getting wet on my way home 
> in
> my MGA, I always tell them that "I laugh in the face of rain Ha Ha Ha". 
> I've
> gotten caught a few times and made it home with only a wet head. 
> Yesterday
> mother nature got even!  While on the only stretch of two lane highway 
> with no
> shoulder and no place to pull off, I got caught in a torrential down pour,
> what we call a "Louisiana toad strangler".  When I turned on my trusty 
> wipers
> (for the 1st time in a heavy rain) I was quiet alarmed to learn that the
> blades had little or no blade to glass pressure and did nothing to wipe 
> the
> water off the glass.  Fortunately I was barely able to see the tail lights 
> on
> the car in front of me.  I'm sure glad he didn't run off the road because 
> I
> would have been right behind him.  Anyway, some how I made it to a gas 
> station
> canopy and was able to wait the storm out. For those of you who were 
> patient
> enough to read this story, I now have a question.  Does anyone know of a 
> brand
> of wiper arms / blades that will work on an MGA?  After my adventure, I
> inspected the ones on the car (new ones from Moss) and found them to look
> good, but to be very flimsy and totally inadequate for wiping water.  I 
> tried
> to bend the arms hopping that would apply more pressure. Didn't work.
> Rain X might have helped if I had re-applied some after the last washing.
> Thanks,
> Danny V.
> '58 MGA (daily driver)
> '76 MGB (project)

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