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Re: speedo

To: oliver <>
Subject: Re: speedo
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 20:57:38 -0500
Yes the overdrive wiring is there, don't know the color.  It can be 
found under the hood with a little digging.  The speedo will be the same 
but you will need a different cable the OD one is longer.


oliver wrote:

>question - i have a 73 cbb, and i just picked up an overdrive tranny from a
>71 (a whole parts car, in fact, so if you need something . . .)  anyway, i
>didn't mean for this to be a commercial.  my real question is whether the
>speedo, which i believe is an overdrive speedo, will fit in the 73 without
>any big deal.  unless i am mistaken, the tranny is a pretty simple swap.
>the car came with two drive shafts (extra power!), one attached to the diffy
>and one on the back shelf.  does anyone know whether the overdrive wiring
>was put in all cars, just not hooked up?
>many thanks!

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