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Re: speedo

To: "oliver" <>, <>
Subject: Re: speedo
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 20:29:06 +0100
US spec cars used a 1280 tpm speedo (automatics excepted) from Nov 1967 to
Sep 74 at which point (rubber bumpers) they changed to 1000 tpm.  OD and
non-OD were the same (they did differ in earlier years).  So a 71 and a 73
should be interchangeable, just check the numbers on the face-plate.


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> question - i have a 73 cbb, and i just picked up an overdrive tranny from
> 71.   my real question is whether the
> speedo, which i believe is an overdrive speedo, will fit in the 73 without
> any big deal.

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