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Re: Shock conversion

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Subject: Re: Shock conversion
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Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 14:15:36 -0400

Have you tried Monroe's website - most companies have pdf files of 
instructions/manuals etc for their products.  Worth a shot.

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Subject: Shock conversion

> Hi all.
> First, thanks to those of you who helped me with finding a replacement
> handbrake lever.  I got several offers through the group.
> I have another little problem.  In the parts crate that came with the car
> is a complete rear tube shock conversion kit from Monroe.  It contains the
> shocks (with brackets attached) and several other smaller brackets and
> bolts etc.  Unfortunately, there are no directions!  The kit is actually
> from the Monroe company, according to the previous owner.  He has no idea
> where the instructions are.  Have any of you out there done this
> conversion?  If you have, any chance you would still have the instructions
> and I could get a copy?  I know there are several different kits 

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