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RE: First MGB Clutch

To: "Paul Root" <>, "S. Allen"
Subject: RE: First MGB Clutch
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 15:32:07 -0800
Putting official hat on for a moment.

Moss sells two clutch kits.  One supplied by Delphi Lockheed, that used
to be Borg & Beck, the other from Quinten Hazell.  Comparing the two of
them side by side, the Borg & Beck lineage one seems to be the best
value for money.

Returns and complaints on the Delphi-Lockheed kits are extremely low,
the most typical problem being an inability to fit the disc over the
transmission splines.  

We did have problems with throw out bearings being damaged in shipment
due to poor packaging.  This was communicated to the manufacturer and
now all bearings have plastic shields to protect the faces.  We still
have an inspect order on these clutches and do repack if necessary with
additional material.  

Any verifiable failure of these kits due to quality should be reported
to the vendor.  In the case of Moss Motors, these failures are
documented, researched and reported to the manufacturer.  

On the recommendation side.  Harry Haigh in our technical department
needs a clutch in his 1976 MGB.  He is going to have a Delphi-Lockheed
(Borg & Beck) kit installed.  Even with a high boost supercharger on his
car, it will work fine.   

Kelvin Dodd

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> I got the kit from Moss in July 2001, and it's still great.
> Probably 10-12K miles.
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> > Stay away from the "kit" that Moss sells. I used it in mine and a
> later
> > I was changing it again. Bob Mason of the B register said it was the
> > time he'd heard of it that summer. Instead get the clutch and disc
> seperate
> > from Moss, (they're made by Becker?) and don't have the same

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