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Re: Piston Rings and Cam question

To: Eric J Russell <>
Subject: Re: Piston Rings and Cam question
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 18:48:51 -0600
A definite second for Brit-Tek.  They are very knowledgeable and are 
patient with questions.  After a talk with them I bought the whole 
engine rebuild kit they offer.

Chad Cooper

Eric J Russell wrote:

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>> From: "Steve Clifton"
>> Subject: Piston Rings and Cam question
>> For the cam, are there any recommendations for tried and true cam 
>> upgrades to the 18V engine?
> I installed a 'Fast Street Cam' in out '78 MGB - forget the exact 
> designation - I think it it's called a '270'. Works well - good power 
> from 3000rpm to 5000rpm (then it seems to hit a wall). I bought my 
> engine parts from  Bob Ford answered all my email 
> questions knowledgeably and quickly.
> Eric Russell
> STOC #2860
> Mebane, NC

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