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Re: Engine running too cold

Subject: Re: Engine running too cold
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 19:04:48 -0600
    My B isn't warming up to N either now that the weather is colder.
It has been suggested to me that the thermostat may be stuck open, which
would keep the engine from warming up normalally.  As I noticed Paul
told you, the radiator should stay cool while the engine is warming up,
then when the 'stat opens the header tank should quickly get warm.  I'm
going to check on that today.

   Later....  Ran the check.  The 'stat is opening early.  Water temp in
the header tank is less than 170* when the stat opens.  Temp gauge reads
a bit less than 1/2 way up to N.  Oil cooler covered, radiator clear,
ambient temp ~68*.  This is interesting. Reckon I'll try a 195* 'stat
for the winter.

   And I don't wanta hear any "T told ya so's" from Barney.  ;^)



Bob Donahue wrote:
> My B engine has a tendency to run too cold. During the dog days of summer it's
> great to have the temp gauge stay right on the N. But at 60 degrees F the
> gauge only gets up about half way to N, and at freezing the needle barely gets
> off the peg and I have to run with the choke out. I've changed the thermostat
> (195 F) several time in vain. I'm in a situation this winter where I have to
> use the B as a daily driver.
> Some help - I covered the oil cooler and radiator with cardboard. This helps,
> but not enough. I'm still freezing my bippy off. The heater puts out good heat
> when the gauge is at N, but nada half way between L and N. Why is my engine so
> cold? Is this normal?
>  The good news - She's starting up just fine on near zero mornings.
> (Ungaraged)
> Bob Donahue (Still Stuck in the '50s)

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