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Re: Ignition and sparks

To: paul <>
Subject: Re: Ignition and sparks
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 08:48:08 -0600
   I think it's generally accepted that the higher compression ratio,, 
the hotter the spark must be to ignite the mixture.  Don't remember if 
I've ever seen any Dyno tests supporting this theory.


paul wrote:
> Found this>
> Most people are not aware that there is no multi-spark at higher engine rpm. 
> There just isn't any time for multiple sparks. So what are multi-spark 
> ignition systems good for? Maybe it's just a sales gimmick! If the first 
> spark is powerful enough to initiate combustion, multiple sparks are not 
> necessary. By the way, if a multi-spark ignition system generates 6 sparks, 
> which one of the sparks would you want to be the one to ignite the mixture? 
> # 2 or # 4 or maybe # 1? 
> A spark, is a spark, is a spark, isn't it? 
> No. The hotter the spark the easier ignition occurs and the sooner 
> combustion is completed. A spark made by a flint, the spark of a ignition 
> system, a lightning bolt, a spark is a spark is a spark? You decide! A 
> match, a blow torch or a napalm bomb. What will completely burn, (ignite), a 
> one acre parcel of forest quicker? 
> Paul Morgan Monifieth Scotland

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