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Subject: Re: fender bead
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Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 14:06:32 -0000
I've replaced a length on the rear wing of a 73 roadster.  It is sandwiched
between flanges on the wing and boot surround and the three spot-welded
together.  A short piece of mine was fairly badly corroded, enough for me to
dig down in the gap between the two panels and make a gap thick enough to
insert a small hacksaw blade.  This I laboriously pulled up and down long
the line of the beading for several inches in each direction until I
reckoned I had cut out all the rotten stuff.  The flanges on the panels
themselves seemed (no pun intended) fine and the sawing action cleaned any
surface rust from them.  Inserted a length of new beading (it was available
from the usual suspects when I did it 15 years ago although a bit
specialised) in the gap and MIG-welded it in position from underneath, and
my painter finished off what became an invisible repair.  The front beading
is spot-welded to the wings, easy to deal with on the roadster, a bit more
tricky getting the dog-leg bends correct for the GT.


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> Can anyone give me some advice on changing the fender bead on a '78 B?
How do
> you get the old bead out?  What keeps the new bead in?

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