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Re: Hood Glue

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Subject: Re: Hood Glue
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Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 14:16:11 -0000
Aerosol worked fine for me both on under-bonnet foam and carpet for sills
and rear arches.  Subsequently I did try liquid contact adhesive on a small
section that a PO had apparently cut out to clear the radiator, then
attempted to glue back but which had come loose again, but that ended up as
a solid lump.  For the bonnet the problem can be keeping the whole of the
surface in contact with the painted surface until it has dried, if any small
pockets develop they will probably be the start of larger sags over time.
In my case the pieces were very slightly smaller than the space inside the
reinforcing and this allowed me to insert supporting laths overnight.
However I have seen other pictures where the felt was slightly *larger* than
the space and so the edges tucked under the edges of the reinforcing bars,
which might make for a neater finish but left no room to insert anything.
There also seem to be two thicknesses of felt - the 1/4" stuff I have and
some quite a bit thicker.


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> I know it's been covered here before, but did the list ever settle on a
> final glue solution for the bonnet sound-deadening panels?  One that won't
> allow them to peel off in hot conditions...

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