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Re: How do I dismantle a brake servo?

To: "Gosling, Richard" <>, <>
Subject: Re: How do I dismantle a brake servo?
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 14:36:23 -0000
The Leyland Workshop Manual has more information.  From your description it
seems you have got past the point that needs the special tool which is
removal of the back-plate, and freeing of the outer edge of the diaphragm
from the body.  The diaphragm and its support disc is held to the push-rod
by a retaining key, and the book says to position the diaphragm support so
that the retaining slot for the retaining key is pointing downwards, then by
moving the support lightly back and fore into the body the retaining plate
should drop out of the slot, which will allow the diaphragm and support to
be removed from the push-rod and expose the retaining bolts.  As with all
workshop manuals its optimism that things will just come apart is boundless,
with an old unit I can well expect that you may have to go digging around in
the slot to either wiggle the key to loosen it if not remove it.  You have
nothing to lose but the servo ... but perhaps if you damage it and/or
reassemble it incorrectly you could lose your brakes!  Which I suppose is
why Haynes counsels against it.


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> So, how do I get this bugger apart? Haynes just tells me that special
> are required and I should consult a specialist, and says no more.

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