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Re: MG SV - Top Gear review

To: Paul Hunt <>,
Subject: Re: MG SV - Top Gear review
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 20:58:14 +0100
No Paul, regrettably not.
Currently so much to do privately (family matters - new house being built - 
looking for another job).
1st activity will this year not the MG related - but I'm the organiser the 
1st classic moped run of my son's classic moped club. On March 19th some 160 
classic mopeds will start for a run of some 50 miles around the city of 
Looking forward to this event as well.



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Subject: Re: MG SV - Top Gear review

> Hi Hans - were you at Stoneleigh on Sunday?  Lots of Dutch people there.
> I also caught the reruns of An MG is Born (sic) last night, and unlike 
> most
> of 'my' programs my wife put down her book to watch it as well, she's also 
> a
> fan of Scrapheap Challenge and Scrappy Races :o)  I didn't get the
> opportunity to download all the episodes last Autumn, and last nights
> happened to be the first I hadn't already got - very serendipititious!
> Paul.
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>> Just today another nice program started to be broadcast again: An MG is
>> reborn - restoring an MGB on Discovery Channel. It's all on the VCR now!

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