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Replacing rear springs - where to jack?

To: <>
Subject: Replacing rear springs - where to jack?
From: "Steve Shoyer" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 13:52:55 -0500
Well, I started on my list of maintenance items.  I spent about 3 hours last 
night, and I removed the u-bolt nuts and one of the front spring bolts.  Then I 
realized that putting the jack stands under the axle was probably not what I 
wanted to do, so some of that time was used on trying to reposition the jack 
stands.  I thought that having a lift would be helpful, but there are serious 
limitations on where I can put a jack. I've got a sliding jack tray, which was 
fine when the jack stands were under the axle, but there's not quite enough 
room to get the stands under the front spring hanger.  I wasn't able to get the 
car high enough to put it on a stand and remove the wheels.  Has anyone done 
this before on a four-post lift?  I was thinking of using a wooden beam to 
stradle the two sides so I'd be able to get the stands placed anywhere between, 
but then wasn't sure if I'd have clearance to get the jack underneath.

Has anyone done this before?

Tonight I'm going to try to get an earlier start, so I can use the sawzall to 
cut the other bolts without waking my neighbors.

--Steve (1980 MGB)

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