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RE: Moss's new seat belts

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Subject: RE: Moss's new seat belts
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Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 09:11:09 -0800

The new Moss kits use a different retractor unit, but it does have the
same constant tension function. I don't know how much difference there
would be in tension.   

This keeps the seat belt from loosening which would be a problem if the
belt was needed.  If the belt is close to being fully extended, this
tension would be more than normal and could explain the difference in
tension since you re-upholstered the seats. 

I need to install one of the new kits in my 1970, so I can give you more
feedback after doing that.



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So I just got back from a 300 mile ski trip (150 miles to Sandpoint,  
ski...., drive home).  It was good.  Snow could have been fresher,  
but the weather was nice and I kicked my own butt on the mountain.

So, to make this a relevant MG post, I need to mention I took the  
MG.  I was going alone, so the skis could take the passenger seat, I  
still have winter tires on her, and she gets better mileage than my  
SUV.  I could come up with more excuses if needed, but whatever.

When I finished my shower tonight, I noticed I have a bruise on my  
shoulder.  It happens to *perfectly* correlate with the shoulder  
harness of my seat belt.  I replaced the original and very worn belts  
when I got the car 3 years ago, using the Moss Inertial reel units.

The replacement belts are perfectly good from a safety standpoint,  
but they are damned irritating.  They came with funny little red  
clips to relieve the constant retraction pressure.  The clips never  
did work and are now long gone.  With the driver's seat the belt  
didn't really bother me until I re-upholstered the seat.  Now they  
both attack shoulders.

So, a question for the list, and especially for Kelvin:
Do the new kits which are "properly engineered" for the car have a  
tensioner that allows the user to get a little slack?

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