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Cylinder Head

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Subject: Cylinder Head
From: "R. Martin Rogovein" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 22:25:18 +0300
Hey guys,
I've finally decided to do something about all that blowing oil smoke, and
rebuild my engine right.
I'm going to be in the states next month, so I have an opportunity to bring
back some goodies and save some shipping as well.

I am looking at buying an assembled (springs & valves) head to bolt on to my
existing block, and in shopping around have found that the aluminum heads
really aren't that much more than the iron ones - around $1000 from the
usual suspects, and I have seen them on ebay for 800 and (not a promo, no personal interest, know
nothing about them, YMMV) is advertising one for 689$ !

Anyway, I wanted to know, is there really that much benefit to switching to
an aluminum head rather than a cast iron one?
(mine has been skimmed one too many times to rebuild, and the valve seats
are ruined from various non-standard 'improvisations')
Is it likely to cause me more trouble than it's worth (heat warping, . . .)?
The weight savings / performance gain would be nice, but for the way I use
my car I can get along just fine with the stock power output, so i don't
have to have it for that alone.

Also, are all new heads out there more or less the same, or is there really
a difference between the various vendors?  Remember that because of my
location I have little recourse for a failed part (the shipping to return it
makes it cheaper to just take the loss), and will pay more for peace of mind
if it means I know I get a good part.

Thanks for your input,
70 roadster
Tel Aviv

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