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front license plate

Subject: front license plate
From: dave houser <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 15:24:51 -0400
How much air deflection, if any, do you think the front license plate 
creates that would impede cooling?
You know my problem with a hot engined 67 BGT that I recently put A/ C 
in. Several recommendations were made at MG2006, such as bringing the 
condensor right against the radiator, possible use of the blanking 
sleeve without a thermo, move the oil cooler under the valence, try 2 
electric fans instead of one, etc.
Looking at the plate once I was home i wondered if that could be 
disturbing air flow thru  the grill into the condensor/radiator. It sits 
pretty much right in front of the oil cooler and here in Florida we 
don't need two plates on the cars.
What think? Any gain at all? I will try it and report back.
Dave Houser   

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