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RE: Damaged MGA Engine?

To: "'David Breneman'" <>,
Subject: RE: Damaged MGA Engine?
From: "Mike Razor" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 13:51:54 -0400
Same here I always keep an eye on the oil pressure.  I even put a little
paste on felt dot next to the gauge so I can peck at from time to time to
make sure it is not stuck.
I blew the oil pressure gauge on my MGA several years ago and I was able to
see the pressure drop and I shut the engine off and coasted to the side of
the road all in just a few seconds.  I lost 3 quarts of oil when the line
gave out.  I was in southern Indiana down on the Ohio River.  This is a
rural area but lots of traffic.  The folks there are very kind and helpful.
I had several folks stop and offer help, parts, tools and oil.  Of course,
an oil line for an MGA is not that readily available so I called for the
trailer.  While it was enroute from eastern Kentucky a couple of guys
stopped by and looked at the car, asked what happened and I told them.  They
huddled up and one of them left while the other guy started to undo the oil
line and said "Do you mind if I take this off?" I didn't care since it was
already off and pretty well shot.  A few minutes later his buddy comes back
with more oil and the line from an ice maker.  They then took the ends off
the busted line and inserted them in the icemaker line put it back on the
MGA, topped it off with oil and we fired the car up.  Walla oil pressure.
In fact, the pressure was better than ever.  I thanked them profusely and
gingerly started for the barn.  I met the trailer on the way home and we
loaded the car up just to be safe.
Sorry for the long post but thought you might enjoy the tidbit about the ice
maker hose.
Mike R

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