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Re: Brake light replacements? Third brake light?

To: Desmond Mullen <>
Subject: Re: Brake light replacements? Third brake light?
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 15:37:38 -0500
I replaced mine with LED equivalents and they are brighter, another 
advantage to LEDs is they come on to full brightness quicker, so 
allowing for a little more reaction time for the one behind you.  LED's 
also use less power so are less of a strain on the elcetrical system. <>  has 1157 
replacements as well as a bunch of others.  Tehy have good prices and 
quick shipping.


Desmond Mullen wrote:

> Hello MG folks,
> I was driving behind my wife as she drove the MG the other day and the 
> brake light visibility really struck me. For safety's sake, I wouldn't 
> mind something that stands out more.
> Has anyone tried any of those "super bright" LED brake light 
> replacement/conversions? Or a third brake light (I can't imagine where 
> you could put it and have it not look bad)?
> Thanks!
> -Desmond
> '78 MGB

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