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Re: Brake light replacements? Third brake light?

To: Roger Wilt <>
Subject: Re: Brake light replacements? Third brake light?
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 11:32:10 -0500
I don't have any idea what the problem could be since the LEDS should 
even draw less current than the regular 1157's anyway.  You would think 
a current problem would be noticed in the original bulb as well.

Roger Wilt wrote:

>I agree with idea of brighter brake lights for safety so I ordered and
>received a pair of replacement bulbs for my MGB 1157's -Matrix II 32 LEDs
>from and they are putting out less than 1/2 the wattage
>than my old 1157. Dangerously dim. I'm probably sending them back.unless
>someone has a great idea of what's up -remember the old 1157's are working
>fine. I checked, cleaned contact points etc.
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>From: "Chad Cooper" <>
>To: "Desmond Mullen" <>
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>Sent: Sunday, September 10, 2006 4:37 PM
>Subject: Re: Brake light replacements? Third brake light?
>>I replaced mine with LED equivalents and they are brighter, another
>>advantage to LEDs is they come on to full brightness quicker, so
>>allowing for a little more reaction time for the one behind you.  LED's
>>also use less power so are less of a strain on the elcetrical system.
>> <>  has 1157
>>replacements as well as a bunch of others.  Tehy have good prices and
>>quick shipping.
>>Desmond Mullen wrote:
>>>Hello MG folks,
>>>I was driving behind my wife as she drove the MG the other day and the
>>>brake light visibility really struck me. For safety's sake, I wouldn't
>>>mind something that stands out more.
>>>Has anyone tried any of those "super bright" LED brake light
>>>replacement/conversions? Or a third brake light (I can't imagine where
>>>you could put it and have it not look bad)?
>>>'78 MGB

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