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Re: Brake light replacements? Third brake light?

Subject: Re: Brake light replacements? Third brake light?
From: "Simon Matthews" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 12:41:32 -0700
On 9/18/06, <> wrote:

> I'm confused, although some would say that's not hard to do.  When I  wear
> red tinted sun glasses, it seems to filter out the red, so landscapes  appear
> greener.  I thought a red lense would filter the red light.  Do  they filter
> the
> white light out of our current incandesent bulbs?  Isn't  "white" light a
> combination of all the colors?

Red lenses filter out everything *except* red.

However, our perception of colours is very complex. There are
compensating mechanisms that allow us to see even when the light is
not white without noticing the colour offset. For example: at night,
we use incandescent bulbs, which emit light that his really rather red
-- the blue end of the spectrum is missing. Yet, we don't perceive
this.  Or rather, we do, when we see some white light: such as that
produced by HID headlamps (which looks blue because the ambient light
is skewed towards the red end of the spectrum).


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