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Re: tire question

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Subject: Re: tire question
From: "bjshov8" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 21:47:31 -0600
Here is what I've been told in the past, might or might not be correct 

1)  A radial flexes too much at the junction of the sidewall and tread and 
the patch will not stick.

2)  Running a tube inside of a tubeless tire may cause the assembly to run 
hotter than it should which could be dangerous or detrimental to the tire.

You have to decide from there, but a 6 year old tire is already less safe 
than it should be because the rubber in the tread is getting harder than it 
should be and its traction is reduced.

> Hello-
> This isn't exactly an MG question, more of a car question.  I have a
> '91 Mazda pickup that I bought new and it has a nice set of 6-year old
> Bridgestone tires that are/were in great shape.  One of them got a nail
> in the area between sidewall and tread.  Tire shop says it can't be
> fixed.  Can I run a tube in it?  MGs with wire wheels run tubes with
> radial tires, so won't this work in my application?

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