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[oletrucks] 1955 Chevy Bus

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Subject: [oletrucks] 1955 Chevy Bus
From: Banjomike@aol.com
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 17:49:52 EDT
I have a 1955 Chevy bus that has been transformed into a pretty reliable 
camper.  For those of you that are carpenter/mechanically inclined, this is a 
dream project.  The body is in excellent condition as is the 235 engine, 
transmission and 2 speed rearend.  The tires are in good shape. Its set up 
for AC/DC and propane, it has a stove, refrigerator, heater, sleeps six (or 
more) and is in all around good shape.  My family and I have done some truly 
great trips in this bus.

Since I already have a pickup and I'm wanting a boat (or a more portable 
camper) I need to sell or trade this vehicle.  In the Recycler, I'm asking 
1200 OBO, however I'd be willing to trade for a tent trailer or a running 
50-54' Chevy truck in reasonable shape, or a small (16') fishing boat.  For 
those of you who live further away than Southern California, I might be 
interested in trading this bus for airfare to get back home if I can make an 
interesting trip out of it.  Either way, ping me off line.  I will hate to 
see this bus go to the scrap yard.

Mike Gleeson

55' Long Bed
55' Chevy Bus

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