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Re: [oletrucks] Whadaboudafan?

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Whadaboudafan?
From: "jack halton" <safesix@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 14:57:16 -0500

I guess a flex fan would work, but the ones I tried had too deep a pitch and
hit the double groove pulley. A little trimming would probably fix this, but
I just didn't like the idea of those thin, sharp blades down in that space
where all dropped nuts and bolts always end up (the black hole of the core
support). I could see bloody fingers and forearms, even before getting the
thing out of the box.

I used a rigid 6-blade aluminum fan, don't remember the brand, but it was an
aftermarket parts store piece. You see them with colored anodized blades.
It's worked out fine, is quieter than the original, and cools better too.

Jack / Winter Park FL

PS What/who is ole-chevy-truck@onelist.com?
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>     I've gotta '51 AD with a '59 235 abuilding for it. Patrick's short
> water pump and pulley will be used, and the radiator is original, for now.
> understand that the 235 fan can be used with minor mods, but I just got to
> thinking that a modern aftermarket flex fan may pay dividends in power and
> mileage. Has anybody tried this, and if so, what fan did you use?
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> oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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