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[oletrucks] Re: Re. Pacer IRS swap to GM truck

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Subject: [oletrucks] Re: Re. Pacer IRS swap to GM truck
From: safesix@worldnet.att.net
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 17:06:47 +0000

Not quite..the problem is that the TF frame is wider 
than that on the earlier trucks. The Pacer upper control 
arm attaching points can't clear the frame without 
cutting a chunk out of the frame. But once the IFS is in 
place, these cut-out pieces can be replaced, and 
everything is cool. 

If working with a bare frame, another approach is to 
remove the crossmembers and pinch the frame together - 
then the IFS can be installed easily, no cutting 
required. Once in place, there is plenty of room; it's 
just getting it there that presents a problem.

The track of the Pacer IFS is correct for the TF trucks, 
though. Hope this helps,

Jack / Winter Park FL 
> Hi-
> Great article, Jack! Now, will this conversion work as easily on a second
> series  '55 model 3100 Chev. Panel?
> Please say "yes"!!
> Craig
> Portland, Oregon 
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