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[oletrucks] Fuel Tank in Place of Spare Tire...

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Subject: [oletrucks] Fuel Tank in Place of Spare Tire...
From: "Kevin D. Pennell" <oletwuk@amaze.net>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 01:11:53 -0500
"Hellooo The List,"

  Here in the shadows I read all list tips.  They save time.  They save
money.  They're a heck-of-a-gift!  They save headaches, and heartaches, keep
worry lines from my brow, for fixing my old truck I know not quite how...

  I gather and sort and I read with pure glee...  I devour.  Digesting each
missive I see.  Such data...  All data!  Great information for me!

  All the Ratio's n' Brakes, and the Axles n' Weights.  The Engines and
Floorboards and Wiring and Cores...  The carpets!  The Radiators!  The
Doo-hickies and more...  From this list I've learned just how to fix my
broke door!  Radial, Bias Ply, Pistons galore...  Oh tidbits...  Such
tidbits...  Please send me some more!!!

  And file... Oh I file...  For the time when I'll need...  I carry on
smartly and continue to read.  Then, a tidbit.  A morsel...  A small one
indeed...  Seems that maybe, "Oh Baby," it's just what I need!  The
questions it raised are of import indeed,  but maybe they're only important
to me?  But oh, such a tidbit!!!  Got my interest up for sure.  To the list
well I'm sorry, but I have to know more!!!

  Tell me details, how about it...  The tank you installed!!!  Who?  What?
When?  Where?  Why?  and how hard?   To carry more fuel, and pass by a gas
pump...  Sure would make me enamored a little more with my truck.  To have
cash in my pocket at the end of a run, after passing just one fuel depot
sure would be "FUN"!  I'm waiting and watching for answers indeed, how to
carry more fuel to make it easier on me.  Now the "Carry More Fuel"
rationale's a Dandy!  But it's not my only one as you'll quickly see.  The
wife will be mad but I'm sure you'll agree, it's only necessary to stop,
when you REALLY have to pee! (Smile!)

Yours, Kevin
59' Apache 38/NAPCO

<<<<My 58 short fleetside, had a spare mounted there.
no longer, because I installed a gas tank in that spot...
Tom Warner
58 short fleetside>>>>

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