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Re: [oletrucks] Front spring sag

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Front spring sag
From: Samsred72@aol.com
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 18:42:54 EST
I just finished a rebuild of my '49 3100 front end.  I completed about all 
there is to do to the front but replace the springs.  Mine have the same 
problem but I don't want caught short of money through the winter.  They also 
bottom against the frame over bumps they shouldn't.  Have found them in JC 
Whitney for $75.00 per spring, and that's about as cheap as I can find.  I 
don't think that they can do their job without some arc to "spring" against.  
Hope this has helped.

'49 3100 Chevy
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